The Newest Food Word Officially Added to the Dictionary Describes You... and You Know It

It's OK — you're not alone. And the Oxford English dictionary has added a new word just for you.

Have you ever posted a quote to Instagram that read, "I'm sorry for everything I said when I was hungry?" Have you ever provoked a fight with your partner when, on a road trip, you saw a sign that said, "next food: 20 miles?" Have you ever stared into your fridge in quiet desperation because you were too hungry to think about what to eat (and maybe softly wept in rage)? Yeah, you were suffering from "hanger." It's OK, millions of Americans regularly do too.

In fact, so many people relate to the feeling of hanger — yes, of course that's hunger plus anger — that the word hangry has become one of the latest additions to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Last week, Oxford added 1,100 new words to its official dictionary, which it does quarterly; there are currently 829,000 words listed, according to BBC. Hangry is just one among the new ones, but of course it caught our attention because... who among us can't relate? The official definition is: “Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.” And if you suffer from the condition, at least you can take solace in being officially validated linguistically.

Now perhaps go hit a drive through and handle your biz before you say things you can't unsay.

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