Kendall Jenner Helped Get to the Bottom of the Biggest Cereal Mystery

What DOES happen to the holes in Cheerios? We finally have an answer.

Everyone, April 2018 Vogue cover star Kendall Jenner has a very important cereal question: "What happens to the holes in Cheerios?" The 22-year-old model, who was noticeably absent from most of Fashion Month, asked the Cheerios question in a Vogue video posted to the glossy's YouTube channel.

Though the clip features a host of other existential questions Jenner had for herself, we've got to say that her cereal musings were particularly on point. "What happens to the holes in Cheerios?" she asks herself while pouring — and promptly eating — a bowl of the circular breakfast. "Do they just get thrown away? What a waste."

But seriously, how are Cheerios made?

It's actually a great question, because there isn't a separate "Cheerios holes" cereal to use up the excess dough. Thankfully, Refinery29 got to the bottom of morning-time conundrum.

Mike Siemienas, a General Mills spokesperson, told the publication: "Once the dough for Cheerios is mixed, it goes through a die cut where it comes out as the iconic looking O. The best part of this cooking process is that there is not any dough wasted."

Siemienas didn't elaborate further, but it certainly sounds like the any leftover dough is reused. In their post on the topic, Refinery29 came to the conclusion that "the holes that are cut out are combined to make more Cheerios, and that is continued until all the dough is used."

Phew! Jenner — and the rest of us concerned cereal eaters — can breathe easy knowing General Mills isn't being wasteful during the production process.

Curious to know what other questions Jenner asked herself? Watch the video below to see just how existential she got for Vogue.

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