Check Out Kendall Jenner's Remedy for Being "Heavenly Hungover" After the Met Ball

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians partygoer is feeling it today.

Perhaps you'd heard? A certain enormous party known as the Met Ball took over NYC last night... and today, some people aren't feeling so hot. Looking at you, Kendall Jenner.

Indeed, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians sister shared an image on Instagram that suggested she wasn't feeling well on the inside, no matter how amazing she looked on the outside.

In the snap, she's wearing an epic red gown with sunglasses, sitting on a terrace. She's also got a fork hanging out of her mouth... and what appears to be a stack of pancakes on a plate upon the table in front of her.

She captioned the photo "heavenly hungover," a riff on the costume ball's theme.

heavenly hungover

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Indeed, carbs are a go-to solution among many hungover folks the world over — so, in that way, the reality star and supermodel is just like us. 

Consider these other hangover cures, tried and tested by people who truly know the struggle is real.

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