Sliced Ketchup Is Coming, But Twitter Is So Not Ready for It

Slice of Sauce is proving to be a highly polarizing Kickstarter campaign.

Have you ever thought, "Life is great, but what would make it even better is sliced ketchup?" The creators of a new Kickstarter campaign have apparently thought just that, and Bo's Fine Foods hopes to bring single-use, 30-calorie packets of "all-natural," no-fuss" sauce to market in the form of its idea, "Slice of Sauce."

The idea, according to KickStarter, is that, "Slice of Sauce transforms the traditional condiment aisle with individual 'slices' of Signature Recipe Ketchup in a convenient and mess-free package of 8 portions... Layer it onto your burgers, sandwiches, wraps and more for a delicious burst of flavor and a perfectly portioned bite every time." 

Plus, it's non-GMO and gluten free! What's not to love? Well, the Internet, as it is wont to do, has many feelings about the proposed product.

Where do you stand on sliced ketchup: genius invention, or condiment crime?

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