SoulCycle Sells Gym Snacks Now — Because It's a Lifestyle, You Guys

You've gotta fuel your soul, after all.

SoulCycle knows what its customers crave. They want energetic instructors, super-cute branded gear... and cookies?! Sure, put it on their ever-increasing tabs.

Yep, SoulCycle sells healthy cookies called SoulFuel now, and while it might seem counterintuitive to offer snacks in a gym-like environment, SoulFuel definitely isn't your average sweet treat, according to its marketing.

Created in partnership with Milk Bar, these "healthy" cookies are made with wholesome, energy-boosting ingredients including almonds, macadamia nuts, coconut, turmeric, citrus, and quinoa.

SoulFuel is gluten- and dairy- free, and according to Milk Bar's website, it just "may cause superpowers on and off the bike." Hey, that sounds major!

OK... who else is suddenly feeling ready to feed their soul?

The SoulCycle x Milk Bar creations — which retail for $5 each or $30 for a tin of six — will be available for purchase at 20 of SoulCycle's most popular locations nationwide and online.

So let's tally up that workout, shall we? Depending on your region, you're looking at about about $50 for a ride, when you figure in the class, a bottle of water, shoe rental, parking or transportation... and now a cookie. It's definitely a lifestyle... and a luxury one at that.

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