This Is What Bella Hadid Eats on a Private Jet

Jet-setting supermodel Bella Hadid is living her best life.

We're all about getting what glimpses we can into celebrities' #privatejetlife. Erika Girardi has given us a tour of her own private jet, a Gulfstream IV, while her cast mate on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', Kyle Richards, showed us that spectacular messes even happen when you're flying private. And Lala Kent has provided a look into what she eats on a private jet — the perfect one-two punch of Doritos and champagne.

And now the latest celeb to show us more of what really goes on inside a private jet? Well, that's Bella Hadid, who posted to her Instagram Storie a look at what her crew eats in private flight: pizza. Out of cardboard delivery boxes.


By the way, pizza is the same way Bella prepped for the Met gala... if it aint broke, don't fix it, you might say.

One benefit of flying private is the reduced requirement to suffer with the masses who fly commercial — but even Bella had to get her go-to plane food through security like regular folk. 

She will remember the moment fondly... or at least with amusement. Supermodels are just like us, are we right? (No? Oh, right.)

Phoots: Bella Hadid/Instagram

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