You Need to Look Inside Mandy Moore's Impeccable Pantry Because It's Organization GOALS

The This is Us star keeps her spices in immaculate order — and you should see her paper towels. 

Mandy Moore may bring out your messiest emotions with her role on This Is Us, but the actress and singer keeps her pantry spotless. And lest you think that's no big thing, wait until you see the inside of this gleaming, perfectly organized storage space. It's basically the tidy wonderland that you thought only existed on Pinterest. 

Moore recently took to social media to share her zeal over being the subject of a project spearheaded by The Home Edit. The company specializes in organizing every aspect of the home, ranging from bedrooms to kitchens, closets, and pantries. And, the last category was of particular interest to Moore. As it turns out, her spice collection (like ours!) was in need of a little TLC. 

So, Moore let the ladies of the Home Edit do their thing. And before she knew it, her paper towels had their own shelf; her bottles of sparkling water were lined up like pristine trophies; and her spices were daintily organized on separate lazy susan trays. But, we haven't even gotten to the snacks yet. 

Moore now has clear jars devoted to different kinds of nuts — they're even labeled as vessels for almonds, cashews, and more. And, other snacks are lined up in tasteful, gray wicker bins. Take a look at this clean and tidy magic: 

You're not the only one who's in awe right now. (You are gobsmacked, right?) In the caption that accompanied the photos of her newly organized space, Moore said: "my [Home Edit] pals made dreams come true by transforming my pantry into this masterpiece."

Though the actress recently moved — so the pantry wasn't in complete disarray — she loves how easy the new system will be to maintain. "Thanks again for giving us the glorious gift of organization!!," she wrote.

And really, is there any better gift for a person who can never remember where she put that tarragon? (Asking for a friend.) 

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