Kandi Learns to Rock Out

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Kandi Learns to Rock Out

Ep 3: Kandi takes on Harmik and Sweet Tooth, and discovers that she likes to write outside her comfort zone.

Read Kandi's full transcript after the jump:The Kandi Factory team has doen it again! Harmik is so funny — his personality is crazy and loud and I love that, but obviously it didn't mix too well with Victor. OK, I don't know what was up with his gangster thing he had going on, throwing threats at Victor like that, but hey, whatever, it was kind of crazy. Harmik? I think he's definitely a character. As far as music, he wants to become his own artist, and we need to work with him a little bit longer. Harmik: I love you though, I love your personality, it was fun.

When I first saw Sweet Tooth walk in that door, I'm telling you, I was like, that make-up is a mess, and who told you that was hot? It's not. And then when he sang, I was like "Eh." I wasn't really impressed.

Honestly, I think I really took a chance on him when I saw his audition tape, because it wasn't quite impressive, but I think I just wanted to write a rock song, so I think I just wanted to experiment with him. But I tell you, I'm so glad that I let Sweet Tooth (slash, Logan!) come to the Kandi Factory. . .this was just what he needed.

Do you believe the transformation? I almost can't believe it. His voice turned out amazing on the song, his performance was great; it just brought to life everything he had been dreaming about. I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with him. So until next week people, see you on The Kandi Factory!

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