Ask Patti

Where are the best places to meet men? Patti shares her secrets!

on Apr 23, 2009

Hey Patti,
My friend just called off her engagement. They keep asking me for advice, and I know they belong together. I need help being their matchmaker! Any tips?

There’s a reason they called it off. Careful you don’t help force something that shouldn’t be forced. Read my book Become Your Own Matchmaker and it will teach you the tricks of the trade!

Where does a 24 year old girl go to meet nice men who are looking for a relationship? I don't have luck at bars and am sick of dating co-workers! Where do I go to find Mr. Right?

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Hey Patti,
I wanted to say a few things but first off let me say that I love your show. I am 33 and still single. I have been pretty content because I am a very independent woman, but I wanted to see if you could suggest the best places to meet men because I haven't had any luck with the recent set ups.

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