The Millionaires

Alex reflects on his Millionaire Matchmaker experience!

Apr 2, 2009

Why didn’t I click better with Krista, ultimately? Maybe it’s the left brain/right brain thing. Krista’s an artist, and the women that tend to dazzle me have tended to be really bookish, the kind that know that Pynchon is not a new sexual technique. I loved the way she kept me a little off-balance. She’s happily dating another artist right now, and that’s probably a better fit for her.

I’m glad that all Patti wanted to change about me was my clothing and hair. I was worried she was going to call for a full lobotomy. Patti’s prescription was to turn me into an LA industry droid. She wanted to put me in black denim. Apparently, the way to stand out to women in LA is to look like a wannabe producer. (Which stands to reason, if you’re targeting actresses, I suppose.) I am a big believer that you have to stand out. That’s why most of the time I wear 3-foot long clown shoes. (It’s a shame that they were in the shop for servicing when we shot my episode.) Blending in with the LA industry crowd is not really my agenda.

What comes next? Krista is happily dating a drummer in Boston. I’m mostly in San Francisco right now. I just spent a month traveling in Asia holding strategic meetings with Kiva partners ( is an amazing microfinance non-profit I’m on the board of.) I toured the south and east coasts of Australia. I spent a week in a treehouse deep in the Golden Triangle of Laos, connected by ziplines to nearby mountains. I went to the Temple of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto and meditated at the Ryoanji rock garden. I did a soba noodle crawl in Tokyo with Kiva supporters, and ate roasted tarantula in Phnom Penh. But I did too much of this alone. I’m still single, and I still want to get married.

Hopefully you have enjoyed my episode. Krista is doing great; make sure to check out her My Space page at I hope Paul is out there doing well too. And best wishes to Patti and her team.