It's Not Who You Know, It's What You Want

Patrick's pick is a quite the surprise

Patrick was kind of a shock. Patrick comes off as this laid back millionaire who lives in the "eh" neighborhood, who's renovating and who flips houses. He really doesn't have a lot on the ball. Lola is like a blonde Angelina Jolie, so if anybody is going to get her, it better be a real "sugar daddy." The type of guy that really lays out the K - buys, sees, does. I was kind of surprised when these two got together to be honest with you. This was a mitzvah that I didn't have happen. That was God working overtime in this department. I was surprised that he picked her and I was surprised that she ended up with him. I thought for sure the way she spoke to me, that she was going for a really older man, who was a heavy hitter, like one of the whales in Vegas. So that's surprising, to be honest with you. However, they are still together!

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