Rachel Federoff

Rachel thinks there's still hope for Doug, but Dave may be a lost cause. 

on Dec 7, 2010


Could it be true? Are there really two men this week as clients? Hooray! Yes, we finally went back to our roots and had the pleasure of not dealing with crazy millionaire women. But wait, our sigh of relief only lasted for as long as this sentence, since we had yet again challenges on our hands.

Let's start on the lesser of the two evils with my client Doug. I do have to tell you Doug is believe it or not a really sweet guy and just needs MULTIPLE slaps upside the head and then he will be good to go! When we first met him and his tattoos, spray on abs, and four piece suits (who wears a vest, tie, and jacket?) we knew we were in for some work. Then he opened his mouth and all we heard was, "Blah, blah, SEX, blah, blah, SEX, SEX, blah." Okay, now it's gone from some work to MAJOR work. Ladies and gentlemen we have a sex-a-holic in the house. Sorry Doug, but true story.

Doug's type, besides anything that has a hole, is exotic. Thanks to my whip cracking on Andreea, we had plenty of lovely exotic girls for "Sex Machine" to pick from. The goal was to try to break Doug of his sex happy ways and to focus at the mixer on getting know them on a mental, not physical, level. Oh yeah, and to show up with his shirt on.