Patti Stanger

Patti explains why both dates this week were ultimately success stories, as she sheds light on Daniel's dating situation.

on Aug 29, 2011

Then there's Daniel. Daniel is the ultimate nerd. I don't think he's ever been out of the house. He won the lottery yesterday by winning a million dollars at his company Groupon. Literally has never spent a dollar. Never been in a bar. I don't even think he got laid. I think he had one girlfriend his whole life, and he's 27 years old. So I'm like, "Jesus Christ. What am I going to do with him? He looks like the ultimate nerd next to Prince Max." So I take him to Penguin and I have a makeover done. Fabulous clothes. JT Hat. Funky tie. I made it for the mixer. And then I gotta do something with his hair. It's disgusting. And there's like peach fuzz all over his face. I take him over to my barber shop, which is Bolt, and I had my favorite barber do this whole thing, Mohawk Mac on him to clean him up and make him sexified. Oh my god, by the end of the day when he walked into that mixer I was floored. I didn't even recognize him.