Everybody Wins

Patti explains why she had good feelings about this week's matches, until Ayinde blew it.

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So this week we've got two clients, Ayinde's back for another spin at the wheel. He basically is looking for even more than he did before. He wants the Ivy League, entrepreneurial, girl from a good family, who wants to be his wife tomorrow and have children in two years. Alright, so that's easy right? Not. And then we've got Mitch. Mitch is this great dad who lives in Hermosa Beach, that's in the internet business. He's got three gorgeous little munchkin kids. He is a full-time dad. He always dates the girl that basically takes advantage of him. He's too nice, so he's got no pep in his step. He's got no game.

Now it's recruiting session. I've got a million girls coming through the gates. I've got a Jewish hottie, Natalie Portman-type (which is his dream girl), Tova. And then I've got like six, bombshell, African American princesses with education, entrepreneur background, good families, and Ivy League. I have scored, scored, scored.

Now it's mixer time. Each guy is getting five dates a piece. So instead of doing two mini-dates, each guy gets an actual five minute date with every girl. This is the most relaxing environment. Everybody wins.

Mitch picks Tova this Jewish America little girl princess who lives around the corner in Hermosa Beach. She's a little bit on the young side. She's late 20s. He's in his 40s. I was a little worried about that, but they hit it off. There's chemistry. They're bobbing. They're weaving. We're having the best time ever. I'm like this is the girl that's going to take the cake home. For sure.

Now they're five, all-American, drop-dead gorgeous princesses form all over the country for Ayinde. It's anybody's game at this point. It comes down to Bracha and Monique. He picks Bracha, the prettiest girl at the party none the less, and the one with the most entrepreneurial background. I'm thinking this is a great fit. Everybody wins.

I call Tova up. Tova had the best date ever with Mitch. They already had their second date without even telling me. They're going on their third date. I am like "I have done it. I have done it. My tribe is happy."

Now I've gotta call Bracha and find out about Ayinde. Ayinde is the nicest guy I know. I am thinking nothing could have possibly gone wrong -- until he lead with his 21, obnoxious, invasive questions. As though he's the deal and you're just trying out for a job interview. I was mortified.

He discounts her immediately -- forgetting that he's sexually attracted. But why does he discount her? Because she's got extensions and makeup on. And that is the reason you're not attracted?

He comes into my office, he gives me attitude, he tells me I'm a terrible matchmaker. I basically throw him out of my house. Who's delusional here? Who needs the shrink here?

Making a Match: Beauty, Bikinis and Breaking The Rules

Patti dishes on helping Julissa Bermudez pick the right guys and why she almost had to throw Adam O'Rourke out!

Season 8 of The Millionaire Matchmaker is one of the most dramatic ever. This time around, Patti Stanger is helping plenty of unlikely clients find love, from Dina Lohan and Bravo's own Sonja Morgan to rap legend Romeo Miller, aka Lil' Romeo!

Each week, we're asking Patti to weigh in on every episode in her exclusive vlog. She'll tackle everything from picking the right guy to calling vs. texting. Hint: real men call. 

This week, she talks about finding Mr. Right for gorgeous TV host Julissa Bermudez, teaching rocker Adam O'Rourke a lesson in starting over and more. Check out the latest episode vlog below and watch past episodes here.

I had really interesting clients this week. First up Julissa Bermudez, she is a TV host and she’s been on tons of networks all over the place she is drop dead gorgeous. I don’t know why she’s coming to me to find a relationship but I figure out right away it’s not about meeting the guy, it’s about meeting the right guy.

She is starting to realize that while the alpha guys are hot, they don’t really want her for her. She’s got to shake the habit of going with these alpha guys so I set her up with Tiffany Haddish who’s a famous comedian. She’s Arsenio’s sidekick, a no nonsense girl. She’s hot, she dates in Hollywood but she is not afraid to tell it how it is. Julissa gets it, Tiffany is smart.

My other client this week is Adam O'Rourke. He’s gotten to the point where he wanted to settle down and he wasn’t meeting any quality women, so he pretends to be a tough guy when he’s actually really nice. And I’m actually happy to set him up.

So we do some recruiting at the Leica Gallery in West Hollywood. A museum or a gallery is a great way to find young, sophisticated singles and we size up a bunch of guys and girls for a classy dinner mixer with Julissa and Adam.

The next day we introduce Julissa to four great guys and Adam to four great girls. They all sit down at the private club and get to know each other.

Julissa ends up picking a great guy named Sam; he’s a successful real estate entrepreneur. He is handsome but laidback and isn’t the guy who needs to be alpha all the time. If Julissa can get to like a guy like that, then she might be on her way to true love.

Meanwhile, Adam chooses a beautiful blonde named Hailey. She and Adam certainly have chemistry so I am happy with this choice.

Sam takes Julissa out to paint some pottery, which is actually a cool move, they get to talk and do something creative together. But then he also brings the romance with drinks and dinner at the Georgian at the beautiful Santa Monica Hotel. Julissa gets to feel cherished; I hope she likes the feeling.

Meanwhile, Adam makes his first mistake of the week; he invites Hailey back to his house. Usually I’d kick him out of the club for things like this, but it turns out he heard her say she’s never had her man cook for her and he wanted to fulfill her wish. Okay, I’ll let him slide on this one. He was a gentleman even when she put on her bikini to sunbathe in the backyard. Good job, Adam.

At the end I think Julissa learned to go for the guy who lets her be the star and Adam got a lesson in starting over. I hope they both take what they learned into the future. We will see.


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