Patti Stanger

Patti explains why she had good feelings about this week's matches, until Ayinde blew it.

on Oct 6, 2011

Now they're five, all-American, drop-dead gorgeous princesses form all over the country for Ayinde. It's anybody's game at this point. It comes down to Bracha and Monique. He picks Bracha, the prettiest girl at the party none the less, and the one with the most entrepreneurial background. I'm thinking this is a great fit. Everybody wins.

I call Tova up. Tova had the best date ever with Mitch. They already had their second date without even telling me. They're going on their third date. I am like "I have done it. I have done it. My tribe is happy."

Now I've gotta call Bracha and find out about Ayinde. Ayinde is the nicest guy I know. I am thinking nothing could have possibly gone wrong -- until he lead with his 21, obnoxious, invasive questions. As though he's the deal and you're just trying out for a job interview. I was mortified.

He discounts her immediately -- forgetting that he's sexually attracted. But why does he discount her? Because she's got extensions and makeup on. And that is the reason you're not attracted?

He comes into my office, he gives me attitude, he tells me I'm a terrible matchmaker. I basically throw him out of my house. Who's delusional here? Who needs the shrink here?