Rachel Federoff

Rachel keeps it G-rated in honor of the two young millionaires in need of Patti's wisdom.

on Oct 21, 20110

Warning this blog is rated G as this week it was Kinder-Match at Millionaires Club. It is slightly refreshing to ditch the stuffy suits and bring in the young pups. As a mother I know all too well how to fit in with the kiddies.

My client was Bill -- young, nerdy, and looked like he could be related to Ritchie Cunningham. I love Bill, truly, as he really is a hard worker and all around sweet guy. Contrary the opinion of someone I know, there is nothing wrong with redheads! There are plenty of redheads that get dates, marry, and have kids! The only issue with Bill was that he was just too shy and stuck in computer land. Ya gotta have sex appeal in some capacity to get the girl. I think his choice with Tracey was perfect. She was cute, sweet, and really had a head on her shoulders!

Tes	Glickman
Tes Glickman

I absolutely love the show and I'm glad you blogged about these two. Bill was a total sweetheart, but I think Erin was a better match. Even on the mini date Tracy didn't seem interested. And as far as the little brat, Skylar, he needs to join the big brothers club or something so he can be around people with real problems other than girls with vanity "issues". If Patti ever decides to open up a Miami office I would absolutely love to work with all of you. Thank you and best wishes! Xoxo, Tes


Rachel, You look great! Have you lost weight? If so, how did you do it? I struggle constantly with mine. Help me! Thanks. I love your show!