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That's A Lot of Guys

Destin explains what the straights should learn from the gays and discusses his "slip 'n' slide."

This week we had an all gay extravaganza -- featuring two epically different gentlemen. Madison, as some of you may know from Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, is a stud, but a lazy stud. His chiseled features and flowing locks have not been able to overcome his complete lack of interest in giving much effort to the world of dating -- hence, SINGLE. Then we had my client Eric -- a sweet, albeit slightly nervous chap who has a bad habit of rescuing stray dog. . .and by stray dogs I mean guys that have issues he takes home that use him. Oh, Eric.

Eric likes being hands on in his house. . .he also likes to get his hands on "manly men." Madison likes himself, but the Latin version of himself. Fantastico.

We end up having a poolside recruiting session (um, how come we never do this with the girls?). There's a lot of "meat" around. . .and a least one banana hammock. Rachel and Patti are having a blast, sipping on margaritas and checking out the dudes. I just look hot and pasty.

My co-workers ask the guys to take off their shirts a bunch of times (again, how come we never do this with the girls). . .and I end up jumping in the pool. And no, I don't have a slip 'n' slide. Wait, hmm, should I?

The mansion mixer starts off slow -- but the guys that needed makeovers actually listened and are better for it. We learn about where guys can go in, in and. . .well, not in (thanks Rach!) and the guys get separated. I have to kick Eric's ass into "How to have a proper conversation class." Madison is in need of a good shaking, and Patti is starting to look annoyed. . .as are Rachel and I. Then suddenly. . .BOOM! Eric is on a roll, Madison is trying and the whole thing ends up going great!

The guys pick their dates and go off into the first date sunset, which are AWESOME. Sweet, romantic. and real -– not douchy or over the top. These guys put forth EFFORT. Bravo!

In the end, the guys are happy, we're happy and I gotta say. . .I wish our straight clients would take some notes, cuz these gays know how to do dating right!