The Little Matchmaker Recap

Episode 12:'s Associate Editor throws out her red lipstick and laces up her tennis shoes for Marcellus Wiley.

Nov 16, 2011

Do: Fix your hair
Patti had a spat of women this week with especially ridiculous hair. In particular this girl who does not understand the difference between lipo and collagen.

If Patti Stanger tells you she's going to push you down the stairs, she's probably going to push you down the stairs. Take note lady! Also the way to prove you're not a transexual is not to pull your dress up. That only proves that you are a fool. . .

Do: Be European
It adds seven years to your maturity level -- and allows you to enjoy both opera and Pink as far as Patti is concerned.

Don't: Wear red lipstick
Men don't want to kiss it, says Patti. Destin delightfully disagrees.