Destin Pfaff

Destin thinks his son's idea for a pay increase is a good one... especially when he babysits Alpha Females.

on Feb 6, 2013

Patti Fired, Sin Hired!

One of my favorite days in the world is my self-created “Bring Your Son To Work Day” – where Rachel and I get to have our little man come to the office with us and hang out. He not only brings so much life and happiness to Millionaires Club, he takes less babysitting and work than most of our clients. Today was that day! But boy oh boy was he being a little devil… and his favorite seat? Patti’s, of course.

Sin decided to hang out with us while we showed Patti the videos… starting with my MILLIONAIRESS, Shonda. Now Shonda is a cool girl with a great attitude. When she was younger, she was a little on the chunky monkey side, so she kicked herself into gear, got herself into major shape and went on to win an Arnold Schwarzenegger female fitness contest. I’m not 100% sure what the challenges were, but I like to imagine one of them involved running in slow motion on the rooftop of a building while uttering the line “Get to the choppa!”