Rachel Federoff

Rachel's ecstatic that Patti Stanger opened up to red-heads and agreed to throw a Gingers-Only Mixer.

on Mar 28, 2013


Wait a second; did I actually convince Patti to finally accept the rocking red-head community?  You bet your sweet red hots I did!  So now that I have joined Team Big Red, it was time to set Patti straight and show that all the Jessica Rabbits, Gingers, Ariels, and Carrot Tops of the world are beautiful too! OK, so maybe not so much on the Carrot Tops.

When you have the fire, you have to bring the fire, so of course the super big personality of Damian Guillot was in order. A Southern gentleman ready to blow the house down and blow up some skirts, and he loved those reds. At first I was feeling like “yikes” but he actually really grew on me and was a super fun, sweet man.