A Shallow Old Dog and a Sweet River Rat

Patti discusses helping superficial Robbie drop the comic act and nice guy Dane get back in the serious dating game.

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This was a fun week. My first millionaire was Robbie Mione, an older guy, little full of himself. He was laying it on very thick – joke after joke after joke. I felt like I was interviewing Don Rickles except not funny. But when I talked to Robbie about anything real, he has no idea what to say. I called him superficial. He’s only dating younger women, so I challenged Robbie. I could set him up if he just dropped the act and was himself. Nobody wants the old jokester comedian.

My other millionaire was cute, sweet, owns a bunch of gyms, a really nice guy. Dane Dunn had been through the ringer, married his high school sweetheart and had two beautiful kids. But then his wife cheats. She decides she doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. Dane goes the other way. He starts hanging out at the river, becomes a river rat, big house, boats, jet skis, younger girls. And he’s complaining that he’s a nut job magnet. He only meets girls with drama. Well, go figure. So his picker ‘s way off. And that’s easy to fix.

I try to set Dane up with age appropriate non-drama women who I think will fit with his personality. Robbie’s gonna be another story. He’s an old dog with no new tricks, he’s gonna go back to his shallow ways if I’m not careful.

So we decide to have the mixer at this beautiful Hollywood museum just where Robbie belongs. I have a trick up my sleeve. I’m gonna give Robbie a buzzer and every time I  feel like he’s going back to his shtick, I’m gonna hit the button and buzz his a--.  This works great. I have a great time buzzing him. Every time he tries to make a joke -- buzz!  But after a little while, you know what happens? He starts being real.

But, before he can pick a girl, his shallow past catches up with him. One of the girls he picks for his mini-date, Sherri, is actually a girl he met before and the complete insult is he doesn’t even remember her. So when he picks her for his date, she doesn’t want to go! And I agree with her. So here’s where the master matchmaker takes control.I like this English girl Lyndsie for Robbie.   She lives in Arizona. I thought she was smart, great and wouldn’t take his bulls---. So I picked Lyndsie for Robbie. I know what I’m doing.

Dane meets a beautiful blonde named Emily and chose her for the master date. Dane takes her on a great date, an amazing helicopter ride over the ocean and a beautiful dinner in Laguna. They really get along, but somewhere along the way Dane starts to get the idea that she’s a little too into her work, but more on that later. . .
Meanwhile, Robbie takes Lyndsie on a Bentley ride through Hollywood, they have champagne, a picnic over the Hollywood hills, and dinner a Beso, great restaurant. And you know what? Robbie is himself, not the jokester shtick, he ends up with the girl. He even visits her in Arizona.

Dane is out of his shell, he’s learning to be cautious and trust again, but he tries to get ahold of Emily and she doesn’t call him back. When she finally gets back to him, she says she’s too busy. I don’t know what’s going on with Emily. She says she’s interested, but that’s not how you behave in The Club. If she doesn’t like Dane, fine, just tell me. I’ll set him up with somebody else. But she keeps saying she had a great time on the date, and she won’t call him back. So a rare thing happened. Instead of kicking the millionaire out of the club, I’m kicking the dater out of the club! Go figure! Anyway, a fun week.

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Making a Match: Finding Romeo's Juliet

Patti talks working with rap royalty Romeo Miller, aka Lil' Romeo, and helping him master the love game. 

Season 8 of The Millionaire Matchmaker is one of the most dramatic ever. This time around, Patti Stanger is helping plenty of unlikely clients find love, from Perez Hilton and Larry Birkhead to Bravo's own Real Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield!

Each week, we're asking Patti to weigh in on every episode in her exclusive blog. She'll tackle everything from the good (Lil' Romeo's all grown up!), the bad (a shirtless first date?!) and the hilarious (Patti talks using tongue!). 

This week, she talks about finding love for Master P's son and rapper Romeo Miller, teaching us all about first dating kiss etiquette and more. Check out the latest episode vlog below and watch past episodes here.

Okay this week I had a really fun client, 25 year old Romeo Miller. He comes from rap royalty, he’s the son of Mater P. and he was famous as a little kid, you probably remember him as Lil’ Romeo. Well, Lil’ Romi is grown up and is looking for love.

Romeo has got a posse of friends and they all go out together at the clubs and they hid on all these women and I think if I can break him of the friend’s habit then I may be able to help him find a partner. He’s young and he’s got a lot of bad habits.

Lil’ Romi is grown up and is looking for love.

The next thing we do is a figure out a mixer.I sit on one side of him and Shaun sits on the other, and we help him go through various different women. He ends up with two really great women to go out with.

He’s got this nice, intelligent, beautiful woman and he takes her to body painting. Right -- it’s like he just wants to see her in a bikini. She’s a nice girl and she’s into him but he won’t kiss her, and she kisses him. Eh, not a good date.

I meet with Romeo and tell him he’s got to court a girl, woo a girl, not just put himself in a situation where they come to him.

He goes on a second date and this time I think he does a lot better. He takes Mica for a romantic dinner, they have some conversation, and he’s being a gentleman, courting her, doing the right thing.

He comes in to talk to me the next day and he’s learned a lot. He didn’t end up hitting it off with Mica, but I think he finally knows what he wants.

He remembers Taliah the girl that got away, the perfect girl from the mixer. So we call Taliah and she comes down to the office, I see the love connection and I immediately say it’s okay for them to go on a date but I want him to kiss her right away. It’s the perfect date for him.


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