Rachel Zoe

Zoe talks Paris Fashion Week, her 'I die' moment in Coco Chanel's apartment, and more!

on Oct 5, 2009


Bravotv.com: So we saw you at last year's Paris Fashion Week on tonight's episode. But how is the current Paris Fashion Week going?

Rachel Zoe: I couldn't go. I'm supposed to be there right now, but I had a really big shoot this week, so I'm missing Paris right now.

So you're devastated.

Awful. Devastated. But I have a shoot that's very important. It's a really big cover shoot for one of my favorite magazines with one of my favorite photographers, and just for all those reasons I could not say no. I had to make the right decision. The good news is Paris isn't going anywhere. But don't think that every minute I'm not looking at the collections as they show and pulling my favorites. I'm not even kidding, the job that I'm working on right now, because we are shooting tomorrow and Wednesday, I am getting looks literally straight off models' backs and having them sent via courier or hand carried back for my shoot tomorrow. I'm literally hustling looks off runways across the country and internationally.

So how was Paris Fashion Week last year?

It was incredible. Paris is never short of incredible. But just because Paris Fashion Week is going on, it doesn't mean that the rest of my job stops. Things are always going to come up, it's never happened where something didn't come up. It's never happened that I've been to a Fashion Week in any city when other stuff wasn't going on. There's always something to take care of in LA or something going on in New York - and that's just part of the job. But going to Paris is a very, very important part of the job, and it's certainly one of the things I love most about my job. When I don't get to go, it's very hard for me. Going to Paris always reminds me why I do what I do. It's living the dream! It's that amazing. Any time I miss it, it's gut wrenching.