Rachel Zoe

Rachel talks about last year's Marc Jacobs debacle, getting Anne Hathaway Oscar ready, and more!

on Sep 4, 2009


You help Liv Tyler update her wardrobe in this episode. How would you describe her style?

Liv has incredible style. She is extremely busy and she's the most incredible mother, and she's one of the most beautiful women I've ever met in my life, in her spirit and obviously from the outside as well. She is a dear friend, beyond a client, and it's one of those things ... if she needs a fitting, I'm going to be there. I think every mother goes through a point in their life where they just feel like I just want to be fresh, I want clothes that look good that work with my body that I can run around and pick up my son and go to a meeting or whatever and not be fussy. And that was the goal was just to give Liv fresh pieces of clothes so she could have great items to play with everyday.

When you and Liv are together it seems less like business and more friends hanging out.

Well that's how we are. We are very good friends and we always have a lot of laughs.

Is that a unique relationship, or are you good friends with a lot of your clients?

I think that when you spend an exorbitant amount of time with people for a certain number of years, inevitably you're going to become close. I'm extremely lucky that the women I work with ultimately are my friends. There's a certain level of trust that happens. You talk about everything. It's an intimate relationship. It's similar to the relationships they have with their hairstylists and makeup artists. They'll spend a lot of time with the glam squad. Inevitably we're going to be close. I am friends with all of my clients - some closer than others of course.

You give Brad a lot more responsibility in this episode. He has to get Anne Oscar ready. Do you think he did a good job?

Well I was there getting her ready. The only time Brad was on this own was actually at the Oscars. I was with her up until she left. That's definitely something I would be a part of, so I was with her until she got in the car to go to the show.

You mention that you never get to go to the actual shows. Are you too busy handling other work?

There's just a lot going on that day. Brad was really going to change Anne into her next look. There's a lot I have to do as soon as the client leaves. There's always a lot of wrap work that needs to be done. It just goes on and on. When they walk out the door it's like my day almost just begins. But that was a really exciting moment for Brad. He's obsessed with the Oscars and Hugh Jackman and the whole performance ... it was very exciting. I knew that he'd be able to handle it.