Rodger Berman

Rodger talks Team Zoe's "growing pains" and his new buisness title!

on Oct 13, 2009


I hope you all enjoyed the season finale of RZP Season 2. As you can see, the team is experiencing some "growing pains" as Rachel has so much on her plate and everyone (especially Taylor) is trying to figure out how they fit going forward.

I’ve watched from the sidelines for a long time and have obviously been involved with Rachel’s business but never in a formalized way. Basically, it’s gotten to a point where the opportunity and need for resources is really huge so Rachel and I decided that it’s time for me to play a more active role in the business. Luckily, my business partner (in my other business) Neil is an amazing confidant and friend and will be taking up the slack as I focus more of my attention on Rachel Zoe, Inc. The organization needs structure, strategies and a look towards the future and I’m really up for the challenge. Rachel has a wonderful team of agents, publicists and lawyers in place and I hope I can bring value to that team as well.