Taylor Jacobson

Taylor talks Kanye West, negative press, and more!

on Sep 14, 2009


Taylor: Can you believe Kanye West last night at the VMA's?

Bravotv.com: I know!

First I thought it was really funny. Then I thought, what a HATER. The girl is like 17. It's not like she's a little rapper ho who could be in competition with Beyonce ... it's just so tacky. Kanye is just such a hater. I love him. I've watched him really grow and I was a big follower. But last night, not so cool. Taylor is a good role model. She's not up in the clubs, there's no naked pictures of her, she doesn't do blow ... from what we know at least. It was just such a hater move to jump on the stage. I think it was cool that Beyonce came back out and gave her award to Taylor. It was just wasn't cool, a hater move. Who DOES that?

You would try to steal someone's award.

Oh totally. Yeah I would definitely do that to a poor seventeen-year-old girl.

So how was the Spring 2010 Fashion Week?

True to form, I was only in New York for a job. So I didn't do any fashion show. I went to Rachel's premiere party. New York is SO crowded during fashion week.

Yeah it gets a little crowded.

So gross. Like go home everyone.

Did you see any shows?

I didn't see one show. I was in a fitting most of Friday. Friday night Brad was hosting an event and then Rachel had her premiere party.

In this episode Rachel has to deal with negative press, what's some of the more outrageous stuff you've read or heard about her?

There's always negative press for some reason about Rachel. It's always untrue. It's pretty much the same bullshit - eating disorder, she tries to push skinniness on her clients, and it's all about being thin ... that's the general stuff that's said about her but none of it's true.