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More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Rodger talks New York Fashion Week, Valentine's Day, and recession worries.


Once again the team heads to NY Fashion Week and once again chaos ensues. The show only scratches the surface on how crazy and hectic the schedule is. Of course, Taylor isn’t happy and needs to leave early to get back for a job. Rachel can’t seem to win with Taylor. We love her so much but she just can’t find happiness. I’m not sure if it’s the job or if it’s just that’s the way Taylor is – steady state of unhappiness. After four years, I’m beginning to think the latter.

Of course the crazy schedule takes its toll on our time together. I totally get it and am so used to it by now. Valentine's Day becomes Valentine's Morning and, what you didn’t see, is that our wedding anniversary is the following day. I think we spent it going out to a "fashion dinner." Funny thing is I’m not upset at all. In reality love is a feeling you have for each other, not any outside force telling you that a specific day is THE day that you’re suppose to celebrate your love. I feel like Rachel and I have that feeling every day, so who cares if we’re busy when we’re “supposed” to be celebrating.

I hope the viewer gets a real understanding of the time, effort and commitment it takes to get that “red carpet” moment - and the incredible talent of the designers behind the scenes. Team Zoe really puts their hearts into it and as you can see, it’s not simply pulling a few gowns and trying them on. The other important thing to take away is that there are literally teams of people putting these looks together. The average person shouldn’t feel intimidated by what they see on the red carpet. These are special moments, not everyday life, and I would hope that people understand that and not get upset that they may not look like movie stars all the time.

Last thought: recession. At the time of this episode, the world was literally imploding and there was real fear that we’d be entering a depression. Being the more financially conservative one in the relationship, I tried desperately to instill some of that “fear” into Rachel. Her version of responsible was only buying two things instead of ten when we, against my pleas, went shopping. I guess that’s progress?