Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski reveals what you didn't see about the Milan trip, Ashley, and Johnny Weir!

on Sep 3, 2010

Milan Fashion Week was amazing!  We saw many shows, some of which were not shown on the episodes--Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, Dsquared2 ... which were all incredible. I LOVED the Dsquared2 show. it was a majorly theatrical experience and such a treat to finally see one of my favorite designer's show live. The overall experience of being there with Rachel, looking for gowns (and of course having some fun) was great and thank GOD we found the amazing Pucci gown at the Pucci show. We also had luck at Alberta Ferretti --there were a couple of really beautiful gowns in that show that Rachel wanted to get as well. We felt leaving Milan that our mission had been accomplished and that the trip was a success.

The trip would not have been possible for me had it not been for Jordan and Ashley back home in L.A. The two of them had so much on their plates and were extremely busy: the main job we had going on was Anne Hathaway's press and premiere for Alice in Wonderland. Ashley was doing an amazing job. She has a really good eye for what is chic and cool and is also a really dedicated and hard worker. She was waking up at 2 a.m. every night to have conversations with Rachel about the status of the Oscar gowns coming into the studio, as well as the other jobs that were going on in Los Angeles. She really did just jump right in and was willing to do anything to get the job done. If she said something was going to be in the studio or that she was on top of something, I never ever had to follow up with her. I knew it would be there.

When Ashley was initially hired, she was hired on a temporary basis through the Oscars because we wanted to see if we actually needed three assistants or not.  Jordan was a junior assistant at the time Taylor was fired, and we weren't sure if she was going to be able to handle all of the responsibilities that were going to be thrown her way, so we brought in Ashley as well to help with that. When Ashley got sick over the Oscars she was REALLY REALLY ill and we decided to have her stay home because with such a busy weekend coming up we did not want to have other people getting sick. Ashley was still on Blackberry, following up with designers, etc. She was really dedicated! She even came in to the studio while we were fitting Johnny Weir because Roberto Cavalli had called her to tell her that there were some gowns ready for pick-up. At this point, we told her to go back to bed and rest up so that if she was feeling better; she could be with us on the day of the Oscars. I called Ashley on the day of the Oscars and she was still really sick. I felt horrible because I knew what a disappointment this was to her. By this time she had been off for three days and had missed all of the fittings.