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Slumber Party

Joey lets us know why he was glad Rodger went out of town and what he thinks of Rachel's memorization skills.


I was so excited for Rodger to go to Vegas so I can spend some fun quality time with RZ.

I don't think they realize how much time they actually spend together so a little separation is healthy. And it gives Rachel an excuse to shop. . .MAJ!

Of course, Rachel never stops working. If it's not filling us in on what's to come, it's endorsing Exude lipstick. I love when people give her lines to memorize because it's always hilarious. Obvi, I'm always there to say what the director would never say to her.

Seeing the new house (which looks amazing) for the first time was so exciting! Rodger and Rachel are all grown up.

All of this and the Oscars are up next... I don't know how she does it. . .