Rachel Zoe

Rachel thanks her amazing team -- including Jeremiah -- for making her life incredibly blessed.

on Oct 25, 2011

Even though Jeremiah did an incredible job designing my house, I was a little nervous about the store-in-store at Bloomingdale's. This collection is like my second child. I know Jeremiah has a great eye, but I still worried since there was a lot riding on this. This installation would set the tone for how my whole collection would be presented in stores, and the fact that I hadn't seen it before the Bloomingdale's team made me even more nervous. But as usual -- my team inevitably pulled it off beautifully, and the space looked great -- so much so that Bloomindgale's decided to put this installation in eight of their stores around the country. No words.

I had some pretty insane, but amazing first couple of weeks back at work so Rodger and I figured what better way to show our love and appreciation to our incredible team than to host a little family BBQ. We were thrilled to be able to share our new home with everyone. It was a great night -- in fact, kind of surreal. I guess it was the first time I really realized that I have it all -- the most incredible husband, baby family, team, home, thriving business, and clothing line. I am so blessed, I can honestly say there isn't a thing I would change about my life right now!