Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel talks about Sheree's fashion show, NeNe's brunch, and DeShawn's BBQ.

on Nov 11, 2008

Now to NeNe's big hat brunch. She looked great. She looked great in her hat and outfit, and in fact, all of the women looked great. I grew up going to the racetrack, and wearing big hats is fun. It is nice to see tradition stand the test of time. As for the charity and NeNe's speech, she did phenomenally. I grew up in a house with domestic violence, and I think this is a very worthwhile charity. NeNe discussed it without making it a pity fest and sob story. She stated the facts, she was inspirational and she raised almost 20k. Well done. It wasn't this outlandish setup for disaster like DeShawn's event, but a simple, to-the-point charity. She should be proud. She is a survivor. That is obvious.

Thank you Sheree for yet again throwing your husband under the freight train to let us know how terrible he is, how he crushed your dreams and how he held you down. I'm a big believer of not trashing an ex (much less in an environment where they can't defend themselves.) I also don't think it is respectful to her children who are old enough to watch. He didn't sign up for this. Trash your castmates. Trash me for god's sakes. We all signed up for this toxic journey.

I did like Sheree's "lifestyle consultants" idea about blowing up the sketches and showcasing them next to the designs.

One question - why does Sheree have a publicist, assistant, lifestyle consultant, personal shopper and so much more? Seriously, and I am not trying to be catty, does she have a career? I thought her husband was holding her down and this fashion was her first venture. Someone enlighten me. She made it clear who she wants at her fashion viewing - "ballers, the who's who, and of course socialites." Am I the only one who is going to blow their head straight off their shoulders if they have to hear the word socialite again? How about we get accurate and start using the word "fauxcialite?" Then we cut to DeShawn who suggests a sunset BBQ to NeNe, in which NeNe is sandwiched by Sheree and Kim. NeNe gracefully says fine, but that she will "elbow the bleep" out of one of them." She also says, "I'm not gonna pretend to like either one of those bitches." Well said. Then we have a token dig where NeNe comments on Sheree pretending to be a designer and we can move on.

Then to Sheree's casting call. Please make the lambs stop screaming! Why must I endure an idiotic scene as if Madonna was going on tour choosing her dancers? Just when I was trying to keep my skinny-girl margarita down, I have to hear that they will be painting She by Sheree on these poor men. My personal favorite was when Sheree insisted that they pull their pants down. Her ex-husband must have been so proud. Then they decide, let's mock one of these nice men by commenting on his physique. Sheree, not all of them can have the Xena Warrior Princess arms that you have.