Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel's take on the outrageous Reunion.

on Nov 26, 2008

NeNe was spot on about Shree's clothing line. It is absurd that Sheree would have a line while being clueless about sketching and sewing. Sheree is delusional in saying that most designers don't sketch or sew. Has she ever actually watched Project Runway? That was moronic. I didn't actually remember that Sheree was that abusive to her staff, but her bossy manner makes that no surprise. Also, Sheree is no classier than NeNe. Just because NeNe doesn't always wear a bra doesn't mean she has less class. Being real and nice to those around you is classy. Also, love that short haircut!

The real surprise was Lisa laying into Kim and saying that she would flip her over the couch and that Kim was messing with the wrong one. Lisa is ripped and seems like a badass. The show was entertaining and should boost ratings for their show, as well as mine. Keep it going girls. You guys were phenomenal. You raised the bar. You were entertainment at its best, and I thank you all. And Sheree and Kim - don't hate. When they stop talking, start worrying!

Until next season.