Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel tells the negative commenters to bring it on!

on Oct 22, 2008

Back to Kim. I find it amusing and ironic that she is pushing this singing career while chain smoking. She is ashamed to sing with NeNe. When they were in Kim's house with NeNe dancing and singing, I was dying laughing again. NeNe says, "maybe you can hum and get a Grammy." That is beyond hilarious. I can't stop watching NeNe.

Sheree is trying so hard to be the classy one (and she probably is) by not saying anything negative and just complimenting Kim's record producer. She is LuAnn (from my show.) She is Switzerland. She has an opinion, wants to say it, but she's keeping it diplomatic.

Then we get to NeNe's letter from her extended family discussing her questionable father. I'm sad that she's sad. It seems that her husband realizes that people are just looking for handouts. I wonder where this story will go. Again, he's supportive. He is Bobby Zarin, a supportive husband. Then we go with DeShawn to the Baptist church. I love that she goes every Sunday. I love people who are appreciative and grateful no matter what religion. I'm not particularly religious, but I am a spiritual person and being grateful is the most important thing. Before I go to sleep, I thank God or the universe or whatever being or energy is out there for everything I have.

About Sheree and this charity - who cares if you have to have lunch with someone you find unattractive? How superficial can you be? If someone is flattering enough to bid on you for charity, have a glass of wine with that person. Hello Ms. Self-involved and self-important. Maybe I started to feel that way when she said that every woman wishes they could look like her, that she's 38 and she's hot. Who thinks like that? And who says that? I'm 37 and I'm pretty sure that every woman wishes they could look 15 years younger than me, with better skin, less dark circles and fewer wrinkles. Sheree, get over yourself and your shoes.

Okay Lisa, stop with the smoking. Another great line was when NeNe gracefully asks her, "Where's the wine bitch?"

NeNe making fun of the country songs about the giraffe and summer days was beyond funny. Then she does a hilarious rant about how no one could like summer days in Atlanta, and how they like air conditioning. NeNe's analysis of a country song is award winning. She did, however, enjoy the lovely ballad with the lyrics "tardy for the party." This stuff is good. Kim mentions to the audience that unlike NeNe, she is very timid. Yes, timid. I know, we could tell by the makeup, jewelry, your rack hanging out and the parking lot wardrobe change. Timid is what comes to mind.

And then there are a few other touching moments: Kim throws a cigarette butt on her own lawn and Dallas cracks up laughing at Kim's choice of music. This stuff is too good to keep. Stay tuned until next week, and keep beating me up with your comments. I can take it. I asked for it.