Cynthia Bailey's Thoughts at Halftime: "We're Kind of All Over the Place"

She's still keeping her fingers crossed for a restoration...since Hawaii didn't work out as planned.

At the halfway mark of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, we caught up with Cynthia Bailey to see how the ladies were faring. "Issues are getting settled a lot quicker, except when it's the same people that never can seem to settle their issues," she said. She also describes her stance on the Season 9 reunion: "I didn't come here to argue. I didn't come here to do anything but have conversations, agree or not agree, and just move on." 

Although the topics have ranged from shady to serious during this reunion, Cynthia's keeping her fingers crossed for a successful restoration: "Since Phaedra couldn't restore us, maybe Andy can. Maybe the restoration will be right here at the reunion today." Get more inside scoop from Cynthia herself in the clip above.

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