Kandi Burruss

Kandi talks about the emotional Alter Ego photo shoot and recording 'Tardy' with Kim!

on Sep 29, 2009

Episode #7 Hot Tracks and Catchy Hooks

So this is the episode when you first get to hear what Ii did to "Tardy For The Party." Kim gave me a copy of the original version of "Tardy" and I was thinking, 'What the hell am I gonna do to this???' I thought the title was good because it's memorable, but everything else about the song wasn't working to me. First off, I didn't feel that Kim should be singing country music. In my opinion country music is more about the melody and being able to deliver the emotion of the story in the song. With that being said, I feel that you need to be a stronger singer in order to be a great country artist. And if you're wondering, yes, I do listen to country music. Anyway, that's why I decided to switch her to dance music. To me dance music is about the hot track and catchy hook. In other words, you don't have to be a strong singer in order to pull it off.

I looked at this project as a challenge because I watched last season and I already knew what people had been saying about Kim as a singer. What people don't think about is that there are a lot of artists out there that may not be strong singers but have hit records. So I was not gonna be the "Dream Killer" in this situation. At the same time, if I couldn't pull it off then I knew people would look at me like I was whack, and I can not be attached to whackness. I'm great at coming up with lyrics and melody, but I do not play instruments. So in order to bring my idea to life I had to get help from Don Vito & Blade who are hot producers and my engineer Selasi who is great with all the studio tricks! I sang the idea I was hearing in my head, and Don Vito and Blade put a track around it. So boom! All we needed at that point was to get Kim in the studio and make the magic happen.

The major issue in this episode was the whole situation between Lisa and Sheree. I guess the fact that they both have a clothing line makes people want to turn it into a competition. I say good luck to them both. I actually just bought a store and it's called Tags Boutique. We will carry men and women's clothing. The address is 4500 West Village Smyrna, Ga. 30080 and we're tentatively scheduled to open mid-October. So come see me! Hopefully I can have both of their lines in my store ... hint hint. LOL!