Kim Zolciak

Kim reflects on her street fight with NeNe and Sheree.

on Aug 13, 2009


This is the week we've all been waiting for. I hesitantly decided to meet with two adults to supposedly clear the air and hopefully get back to being friends and instead what happens? She-Ra and He-Man (barely able to run) chase me out onto the street to TRY to pull my wig off. What was pulling my wig off going to do? So classy.

I am absolutely floored at the way these women choose to handle “issues.” Why are you going to come beat my ass over WORDS? How come she didn’t run after Anthony’s (the party planner) ass like she ran after mine? Can we say BULLY?

I’m so over these women and their need to TOUCH people … I really am.

I was so happy to see my girlfriend Jody. I know that this is a television show and it's edited for your enjoyment, but I was REALLY hurt and saddened by what she did that night. With all of the pulling and tugging, my wrist got cut and I lost a very expensive bracelet that has YET to be found! I wonder who found it … hmmmmm.