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Movin' On Up!

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Movin' On Up!

NeNe has a few words for Mr. 'I think I can yell at my clients & call them b**ches.'


Well we're moving on up!

I've moved into my new home and Dwight comes over to help me make some decorating decisions and it turns into him dancing for me! I love Dwight, he's just really easy to be around and he understands me. I was really ready to meet with Sheree and try to put things behind us because we had known each other for years. I mean, we are two adult women. I'm happy we met and I think we have a clear understanding and respect for each other. At least I hope that's the direction were moving in.

At Niecy Nash's birthday party I was having fun until Sheree told me Kim talked about my husband! I was surprise because my husband likes and respects all the girls so attacking him seemed unfair to me. If you got beef with me, take it up with me, but leave my husband and children out of it because that is where I draw the line! I know the game isn't fair but I don't play like that Mizz Kim! The party planner & Sheree were out of control! I must agree with Sheree on this one! She was the client, that was pure BAD business Mr. 'I think I can yell at my clients & call them b**ches.'