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Sheree Whitfield gives you behind-the-scenes Reunion scoop.

The set of the reunion show was sooo beautiful! We taped for over four hours, but it was narrowed down to one. So of course there were a few key things that I felt were important that were left out.

Let's start with Lisa.

What you guys saw was the milder version of the Kim/Lisa fiasco.

Well, let's go back a few months .... When Lisa called me and told me about the song, I never mentioned anything to Kim until we were on the boat. There Kim began to tell me all the negative things that NeNe had said about me and how bad she felt for joining in. Kim, also, said she heard NeNe was talking shit about her. I said, "Don't worry about it, she talks about everybody." I then said, "Did you hear about the song?" Kim then said, "What was it about?" I said, "I don't remember all the details because I wasn't there." She asked me who told me, I said Lisa. So Kim said to get Lisa on the phone. We called Lisa and put her on speaker phone, so that Corey, Kim, Allison, and myself all could speak/hear her. Lisa said she couldn't join us because she was headed to paintball with her family. So Kim asked her about the song, and Lisa began to tell verbatim what was shown, as well as everything that was not shown, that NeNe was singing/saying about her. After a while her phone cut out. Lisa then called me back from her husband's phone and continued the conversation. Up until a few days before the reunion, Lisa swore she never spoke to us period while we were on the boat. Then SUDDENLY Lisa said she remembered talking to us on the boat but she said the conversation only lasted under 30 seconds in which she told us she could not attend.

I brought my phone bill to the reunion which was evident that someone's (Lisa) telling a lie. Once the phone bill came out Lisa really went ballistic and that's the part that was even crazier! The phone bill was given to Andy Cohen, but the show is only an hour long so it was edited out. Why Lisa made such a huge deal out of this is beyond me. I think she brought more attention to the situation than it needed. It was said that she didn't want to ruin her ON-SCREEN squeaky clean image. I never threw her (Lisa) under the bus. As a matter of fact I even went on camera and said I would NOT reveal who told me about the song, until I found out that she had been telling people that I was a liar and I told

Kim and that we were setting her up. Lisa grow up. What utter reason do I have to benefit form this lie? At the time I was closer to you. So, why do you think I would make up something so trivial? It is what it is. You told Kim, you were on speaker, and I have the phone bill to prove it .... Enough said. Kim, first of all, I never heard Kim sing until I saw it on T.V. To this day I still haven't heard Kim sing in person. What I was listening to was a CD. I was told it was her first single which wasn't her singing. I have heard many times from most of the girls that Kim has said negative things about me as well everyone else. I didn't know Kim prior to this taping. I met Kim once through NeNe in a group setting a few years go and I saw her twice after that in passing. We had never sat down and had a conversation nor had a chance to get to know one another. So for her to say negative things about me, a person she didn't know, is crazy. I for one don't judge a book by its cover. I heard plenty of negative things said about her, but I didn't judge her. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I trust until a person shows me otherwise. Hmm.

At the reunion I also discovered why NeNe had a beef with me prior to taping. It was because I was invited to a private party and was only admitted a plus one. While NeNe and I had been cool we hardly ever, if ever, hung out or traveled alone. There was usually a small group of us. NeNe is fun to hang out with. However, it was never done on a one-on-one basis. So when I got the invite, I invited one of my very close friends. NeNe asked me to see if I could get not only her in but her husband and another couple (four people)! When I called her, I let her know that security was extremely tight and I didn't think it was possible. I went back and forth with her on the phone up until 1:30am telling her there was nothing I could do about getting four people in. I probably could have gotten her in but not three more people. Funny, I always wondered if that was the reason for the anger, but I hoped it wasn't. Over the years I had gotten her into many other parties. Surely this couldn't be it! I was thinking or wishing that it would be something a lot more meaningful or profound. NOT. With that said, perhaps we were never really friends, only mere acquaintances.

I want to thank all of you who have inquired about "She by Sheree." I am still excited and am very much involved! Please look for "She by Sheree" in stores Fall '09. Continue to go to my MySpace for updates. My Web site is under construction. It was shut down due to fraud, but it will be up within the next two weeks. Overall I believe that The Real Housewives of Atlanta totally rocked! As NeNe said we all are forever connected. I thank god for blessing me with this opportunity to inspire some, help some, and encourage some. I have made many mistakes, but I have also learned from them. So at the end of the day we are all human; no one is perfect. The key is to live life to the fullest, believe in yourself, and reach for the stars.

Til next time,



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Claudia: I Felt Good About the Reunion

Claudia Jordan shares her thoughts on NeNe Leakes' breakdown and the reunion as a whole. What was going through your mind when NeNe walked off?
Claudia Jordan: Well the reunion was quite an experience. When NeNe walked off, initially I wasn't sure what was going on to be honest. But I did notice she seemed to be trembling, so I knew she was definitely feeling something very real to her. I just didn't know what set her off at that point. So at first I was a little taken back. I had never seen her cry, but we are all human and everyone has their breaking point. Do you think NeNe had a real breakthrough?
CJ: I honestly did think at that moment she really did. Her demeanor was different afterwards. And I even heard from her after the show. That to me was a good sign that perhaps we could all really move forward and start fresh. I know I'm always open to squash some beef, especially if it's nothing deep rooted and something surface. I don't see why not. But like I said on the show, we all have a story and things that we have had to deal with and overcome. I think we need to not think our problems are bigger than the next woman's and respect one another's struggles -- whether we think they are major or minor. One woman's problems are not more important than the rest. And I think if we can all learn to be sensitive to the next woman, then we are on our way. Hopefully that moment was the catalyst for change in NeNe and in others as well. Do you feel like everyone ended the reunion in a better place?
CJ: I'd like to think so. I do think some will probably never be open for change and are just stuck in their own way, while others really took advantage of the opportunity to take something from it all. I'm not going to worry about those that do not wish to grow and move forward. I will just focus and give energy to likeminded individuals that want to get along, move forward, grow, learn, and progress. I know I felt good about the reunion. I know I didn't chime in a whole lot. And I think I had good reason. You don’t get to see everything, but I felt it was important to let the people who had real issues with each other hash it out with no outside opinions, just like I said in the Philippines. When people interject their opinions and thoughts when it’s not their issue, it just adds confusion to the situation. One of the cast members in particular is good for that. Always adding "well I think..." when it has absolutely nothing to do with her, and I feel those extra unnecessary comments can potentially add fuel to the fire and then there is no coming back. So if my silence was going to help the progress of the group moving forward, then I will take that "L."

Yes, it's "cute" to "read" and get in an epic one liner or rant, but sometimes you just need to shut the hell up and let folks deal with each other and let them do them. I have no problems with that. Plus my opinion on everyone’s situation doesn't need to always be heard -- I wish more of us felt the same way. I will say that this seemed to be a great starting point for folks to move forward and put their money where their mouths are when it comes to being a grown ass woman. I really hope everyone wants to. It'd be great to see how things could go if we spent less time fussing and more time co-existing peacefully. #ThatIsAll


As the season has come to an end for me, I just wanted to say wow! What a roller coaster ride it has been! I had no idea getting into this that any of it would happen. I thought I'd come on board, have a little fun, bring a little light-hearted fun, and make some new acquaintances. This show is huge and everywhere I go people come up to me and say such amazingly sweet things, and I am truly humbled when they tell me how they can relate to me and appreciate my realness. I was particularly touched when a teenage boy who was gay and biracial that had always felt like an outsider reached out to me talking about suicidal thoughts he had. We spoke and I was beyond moved when he told me that he could relate to some of the things I spoke about and that I somehow inspired and encouraged him to keep going. Those are the moments that make all the drama and fussing and fighting truly worth it. I want to continue to use this amazing platform for important issues. Again I thank Andy, Carlos, Joy, Lauren, Stephen, the entire cast and crew for this amazing opportunity. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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