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Laugh Everyday

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Phaedra's Ignorant Comments

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Cynthia: I'm Moving Forward in Grace and Love

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Demetria Responds to the Rumors

Cynthia: Forgiveness is a Process

Phaedra: My Mother is My Rock

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NeNe Explains the Wig

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Claudia: "I'm the Samantha of the Group"

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Cynthia: "I Pray We Can Make Peace"

Claudia: I Could Relate to Cynthia's Insecurities

Cynthia's "Non-Conversation" with NeNe

NeNe: The Pit Bull Act is Not a Good Look

Kenya: If It Looks Like a Fraud...

Phaedra: "I Moved Past This Years Ago"

Laugh Everyday

Cynthia thinks everyone should laugh more, so she's sharing her favorite moments from this week's episode.

I have a great sense of humor, and I love to laugh. I once read some somewhere that laughing everyday actually keeps you younger. Things from this episode that made me giggle, cringe, or just left me confused:

1) "I'm just telling you what these two eyes see, and if you don't like it, you can pluck them out and give me two more!" Where does she come up with this stuff? Hilarious. 

2) "A wig does not count as a hat, honey." True.

3) "Stab me in the neck, and put me out of my misery." 

4) "Thought I was at the f---ing NUTCRACKER!"

5) What exactly is a clean man? Can somebody help me with this one?

6) Is "blooming" peach tea the same as regular pea tea?

7) Just because someone is a model, doesn't meant that they are gorgeous. And just because some is a lawyer does not mean they are smart.

8) No offense to Tammy Faye Baker or Willie Wonka. I love them both by the way.

9) Much love to the "baby mommas" of the world.

10) I can sleep better at night now knowing that I am "not that bad for a model." Shout out to all the super models of the world.

11) Bedazzled eye makeup being called "bourg-hetto." Meaning both bourgie and ghetto. Not sure if I spelled that right.

12) I haven't been in a stretch limo since my prom. Felt like a teenager again.

13) Is everyone in Atlanta really a rapper, model, or what was the last thing?

14) Love that Dwight got his makeup done as well. Classic. 

15) So happy that I was on time for the baby shower, would have hated to have been turned away.

16) Roses in the hair? Less is more.

17) I love hats! I'm not trying to be funny. Really, I do. Ask anyone.

18) Apollo did not want to do a waltz at the baby shower. Really? No, you're kidding!

19) Did I mention that I was a cheerleader in high school? GO TIGERS! GO TIGERS!

20) I have a love for the arts as well. However, I really didn't see the ballerinas coming.

Life is too short, laugh everyday if you can. Please follow me on twitter @cynthiabailey10, and friend me on Facebook. Hope you guys enjoyed the show, and thank you so much for the love and support.


Cynthia Bailey (and a splash of Miss Cindi B)