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Meet Cynthia

Cynthia shares how she got to where she is now.


So where do I start? Why not at the beginning? My name is Cynthia Bailey, and I am one of the new housewives on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA. I grew up in Tuscumbia, Alabama and moved to New York City right after high school. I have travelled all over the world for past 20 years as a fashion model; imagine exotic shoots in the safaris of Africa and beautiful Bondi Beach "down under" in Australia. I feel incredibly blessed to have left my very humble beginnings at 18 years old in Alabama to pursue my dreams as a fashion model. I was so afraid the first time I boarded a flight to New York. There I was at LaGuardia Airport with nothing but a suitcase full all the "wrong" clothes, $100, my bible, my sparkling homecoming queen crown, and a strong belief in destiny. I knew after that day my life would never be the same, and believe me it wasn't...

As I embark on my newest journey as a "housewife" and go from the runways of Paris to your living room sofa, I find myself once again feeling like that 18 year-old girl from Alabama, now with a suitcase full of all the "right" clothes, more than a $100, my same bible, no homecoming crown, and again my strong belief in destiny. Someone once told me, "You have your plan, and God has his." Well, I am living testimony of that, because I never saw this coming. 

Okay, Episode 2 here we go. I felt like my introduction to the show was well presented, but I'm sure you were thinking the same thing I was thinking: "Where is the DRAMA?" Well, let me ask you this. If you were reading a book, and all the juicy stuff happened in the first chapter, would you finish the book? Probably not, I know I wouldn't. So be patient grasshopper, this is one book you won't be able to put down. After all, mystery is everything.

As a mother I was truly moved by the scene with Nene and her son. Every mother only wants the best for their children, and I know that this is very difficult time for her. Hang in there, Nene, your kids are great and continue to give tough love. I really feel for Kandi with the "Tardy for the Party" situation with Kim. I have been in similar situations with friends as well, and I can definitely relate. Moving forward, always be clear. Contracts are best! Especially when doing business with a friend. I am looking forward to hearing Kandi's collaboration with Ne-Yo. She is a very talented singer and writer, and I am excited for her. Miss Lawrence, honey, you betta work! You are turning Sheree's hair out. Lawrence made me laugh a couple of times in this episode. It was interesting to see Phaedra (lawyer to the stars) in her work environment. Who was that guy again?

And lastly, in regards to the foie gras reference from my first blog. My apologies to anyone who was offended. However, my reference was to a period of my life some 20 years ago. Obviously, I am much more informed, and you wouldn't find it in my fridge today. Did I eat foie gras in Episode 1? Oh that's right, I wasn't in Episode 1. Until next week, thanks for all the supportive comments.


Cynthia Bailey


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The 'Wives leave you with one final GIFt this season.

Welcome to our weekly GIF-cap, where we provide the 3 best GIFs from each episode!

We may be closing the book on Season 7, but never fear, the Housewives have delivered some GIFs to use in your everyday life until they return.

Is your bikini bod not quite where you want it to be for summer? Don't worry, Kandi's got you covered:

This is what caftans are for, people!

Worried about getting stuck next to old Uncle Walter at a family function? Send this GIF as an SOS to your friends so they know to come rescue you:

Also useful when you're stuck next to a particularly chatty stranger on the train to the Hamptons.

And finally, the GIF you need when it's all just too much:

We can't believe this season is over either, NeNe

And don't forget to ease your #RHOA withdrawal with Kandi's Ski Trip this Sunday at 8/7c!

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