Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia shares how she got to where she is now.

on Oct 12, 2010

As a mother I was truly moved by the scene with Nene and her son. Every mother only wants the best for their children, and I know that this is very difficult time for her. Hang in there, Nene, your kids are great and continue to give tough love. I really feel for Kandi with the "Tardy for the Party" situation with Kim. I have been in similar situations with friends as well, and I can definitely relate. Moving forward, always be clear. Contracts are best! Especially when doing business with a friend. I am looking forward to hearing Kandi's collaboration with Ne-Yo. She is a very talented singer and writer, and I am excited for her. Miss Lawrence, honey, you betta work! You are turning Sheree's hair out. Lawrence made me laugh a couple of times in this episode. It was interesting to see Phaedra (lawyer to the stars) in her work environment. Who was that guy again?

And lastly, in regards to the foie gras reference from my first blog. My apologies to anyone who was offended. However, my reference was to a period of my life some 20 years ago. Obviously, I am much more informed, and you wouldn't find it in my fridge today. Did I eat foie gras in Episode 1? Oh that's right, I wasn't in Episode 1. Until next week, thanks for all the supportive comments.


Cynthia Bailey