Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia explains the reason NeNe and Peter butted heads. 

on Dec 6, 2010

Things that made me giggle, cringe or just left me confused:

1. Who races a Bentley? Hmm. Nobody that I can think of.

2. I'm not trying to be a model, I'm trying to be an actress. And I'm trying to stop drinking sodas.

3. Kim saying, she doesn't like the word THING. She doesn't like the word THING on anything thing she does. I can totally see how the word THING can be a real pain in the a--!

4. Jump, b----! Do a flip, do something! Now how much fun would that be to see?

5. Do you have your own brain? Yes, and some people actually think I am smart.

6. Do you know what the word pretentious means? Is that a rhetorical question? 

7. Are you wearing red shoes? Both of us wearing red shoes is a sign. Okay...

8. Be her sounding board when I'm at work. I thought this was actually funny.

9. There are a lot of things that annoy Peter, and my talking on the phone A LOT is one of them. Again, did I really say this? It's 2010, please. Even if it was 1957, please.

10. I didn't want to get Cynthia in trouble. Huh? Hilarious.