Kim Zolciak

Kim's been working hard for the money recently, but family is still the #1 priority.

on Oct 26, 2010

NeNe decided to get some cosmetic surgery (good for her), and it was important to me to bring her some flowers and check up on her. The whole time I was wondering, "Where Gregg?" I know NeNe and Gregg have been going through some things, but at the end of the day, he should have been there. I mean, he IS her husband. She needed his support and clearly she wanted him there. On a side note, I think NeNe looks great!

Cynthia had me laughing out loud. "Phaedra looked like a black Tammy Faye Baker and Dwight looked like Willy Wonka." TOO FUNNY! I really did think I was at the "Nutcracker" or the circus. I never got the memo I needed to wear a BIG hat until that afternoon when NeNe called me and told me, thankgoodness. But a HAT at a baby shower? NO THANK YOU, I can't be messing up my WIG and all! 

Phaedra's baby shower was a little bit too much. Like I said "Just sit in you f---ing rocking chair, open some gifts, have some cake, and call it a day."

Remember the show moves to SUNDAY NIGHTS starting November 7th at 10/9c! 

Sheree, NeNe, and I will be on Ghost Hunters this Wednesday, 10/27 on Syfy.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night I will be doing appearances. Visit my Website for details.

Well until next week,