Cast Blog: #RHOA

Kim, Kandi, and Ke$ha

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Phaedra: "I Moved Past This Years Ago"

Kim, Kandi, and Ke$ha

Yes, Kim DOES know who Ke$ha is! She also responds to Kandi's recording studio comments.

How hilarious was it when Sweetie (yes, that is her real name given to her by her mother) and I were "attempting" to jog! I could not stop laughing. I had a blast that day. it was 95 degrees out, I was sweating bullets, and that beer comes tasted OH so good! I have only had beer one other time in my life. Tastes good on a hot day! Needless to say that was the last time I ran up until last month. I picked it back up again, and I am loving it.

Now lets talk about Kandi. I am quite shocked that she thinks I dont appreciate her and implies I never gave her any money for "Tardy for The Party." I did. There was miscommunication regarding who gets what from the sales on iTunes, but I for sure wrote her a couple of checks. That is neither here nor there, and I will never allow money to come between our friendship. Why did she bring me up to Ne-Yo? I am fully aware I am not a Whitney Houston, however I am having fun and if it wasn't for Kandi YES, I wouldn't have any songs out. I am NOT ashamed by my vocal ability nor do I appreciate my friend talking about me and my much needed "training wheels." Kandi has never said these things to my face, however I admire Kandi as she has had a very successful music career, and I respect her opinion. I enjoyed watching her perform at Uptown Supper Club. I think she did a great job. 

Why is Dwight denying he ever told me about Gregg and the money he "supposedly" gave him! I could care less if it was $500 or 10k, you shouldnt go around talking about your friend. BTW Dwight did tell me it was 10k! 

Sheree had me laughing hysterically with her one liners this week! It was almost as good as her, "Who's gonna check me boo" scene.  

I was soooo excited and honored to get the call from Jeffrey Sanker, although I wasn't aware at the time of who he was. When I did some research I found out he was "kind of a big deal." Lady Gaga last year, Ke$ha and Kim this year! WOW! I knew who Ke$ha was, but I was being my "smart a--" self. I was really nervous that I would be performing in front of thousands, so I wanted Kandi to come with me because she has done this in front of millions for years. I know that Kandi would never do anything half assed and would make sure my performance was on point. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this week's episode! Until next week!