Kim Zolciak

Kim gushes about her new beau (and his best feature). 

on Nov 18, 2010

Did y'all see Lawrence KILL IT in the studio? I always knew he had a voice like that. I really like Lawrence, and I wish him the best.

Sheree had told me she was doing a charity event called Dancing Stars of Atlanta. It caught me by surprise, because I did NOT know Sheree could dance. So initially when we got there I was excited to see her, but then that all went away when Kandi brought her negative energy to the table. It seems to me Kandi has A LOT to say about my vocals and my work ethic behind my back but never to my face! She was so sensitive when I told her I didn't like the track. Am I supposed to sing something I don't like? It's amazing to me the things your "friends" say when your not there! Look, I am fully aware I am not Whitney Houston, I never claimed to be, but I am having fun and living MY dream, and without Kandi none of this would have been possible.  

Although talking to Kandi put me in a sour mood, it was immediately changed when I saw my now boyfriend Kroy and his ass step out from behind that curtain. I have never seen a butt on a white guy like that... First thing I noticed was him workin' that thing, of course then came his face, and eventually his heart. He's now my boyfriend, and I'm in such a happy place with him. I was so happy Bravo caught the moment we met, I will always have that footage and not too many people can say that... WHAT AN ASS! And it's ALL mine. 

Until next week,