Marlo Hampton

Marlo dissects the 'ATL's' different family dynamics.

on Mar 19, 2012

How about that Jo Dee Messina? She has a beautiful voice, is a great writer, and is a real professional in her recording process. It explains the success of her records and career. Kandi, this time we totally agree -- you are outside of your comfort zone, but rest assured diva, it is not because you're black.

Lady Leakes, this is a difficult time for you but have fun, have a Moscato, and wait for your knight in shining armor to come and pick your "good ol' ass up."  

On a side note, you protest much about accusations of racism and are quite vocal about my bad choice of words, but I have seen you in action and you forget yourself. You already know the world is not full of "sweeties!" Never forget #thetourbusmassacre...

Lawrence, my diva extraordinaire! What we saw tonight was that 10 years of friendship is much stronger than mistakes, missteps, and the sidelines chanting for us to draw blood. You are my friend. I love you and respect you and appreciate that you made lighter for me, a very heavy moment. We will continue to grow together and yes queen, wear our Chanel together too! Was I working mine?

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