Phaedra Parks

Phaedra discusses the significance behind Ayden's party location and his 12 cakes.

on Mar 21, 2012

As a 7-year-old, I recall receiving my first 50-piece sterling silver tea set for Christmas from my Aunt Frances. That beautiful tea set along with my Easy Bake oven played a pivotal role in spawning me into the Southern belle that I am today. While that wonderful gift is ingrained in my memory, so is her determination and fighting spirit. Aunt Frances was always donned in her sorority's pink and green colors and ready to fight for the causes she believed in. As a child I never realized what a formidable politician she was. As she silently battled cancer, I recall her never missing a vote or political rally. She never complained. In remembering her spirit and love of family, I wanted to bask in the essence of her legacy as we celebrated the first birthday of my first born. While she did not get to see me married or as a mother; I know she was always proud of me. Although Ayden will never have the opportunity to personally know her, I wanted to pay homage to her legacy by having his first birthday party in a place erected and named for someone who dreamed big and stood up for what she believed in.

After we settled on the location, I wanted the party to be filled with all of Ayden's favorites. I wanted to treat everyone invited to a stress free trip on a chartered bus full of treats and all the other things Ayden loves. So I began the menu with Thompson's Barbeque which was the first restaurant table food he enjoyed. His first ice cream cone was from Cold Stone Creamery; so we invited them to serve sundaes for everyone. Lastly, no birthday is complete without cake and since Ayden has brought us 12 months of pure joy, I wanted a custom cake to commemorate each month. It is our prayer that this celebration is indicative of the years to come -- filled with family, friends, great expressions of love, consideration and mounds of sweetness.