Phaedra Parks

Phaedra gives us a lesson in all things donklicious.

on Apr 12, 2012

Throughout the season, I have done things that some people considered bizarre, over-the-top, and downright "ReDICKulous." Just as our beloved Oprah has her favorite things, so do I; one of them being my love of round, full buttocks that I fondly refer to as the "donkey booty." As a self-proclaimed Ph.D in donkology, I dedicate this rant to all things donklicious.

In my journey as a distinguished donkologist this season, some people have questioned whether or not I have unnatural desires for women while others have enjoyed my donkey booty rhetoric and noted that they have a donkey stretching their 2% lycra jeans to the point of no return. My reason for celebrating the voluminous bottom is neither sexual nor deviant. Since my early childhood, people have always commented on my more than ample bottom. From the overused, "Can we get some fries with that shake," to, "Oh My God Becky!" from Sir Mix Alot's big booty anthem Baby Got Back, I have heard it all.