Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia recaps the ups and downs of her first pageant.

on Feb 20, 2013

"Never doubt that a group of sharing, caring, and serving people can achieve the impossible."

Hello everyone! Apologies for being a little behind on my blog. I have been in New York City for Fashion Week for the past couple of weeks.

Just a quick recap of last week, and then I will move on. Is mixing friendship and business a good idea? Well, that depends on the friend, and how much history you have together. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, I believe that mixing business with friendship rarely works out. Business is business, and should never be personal. The Kenya and Phaedra Battle of the Butts is a perfect example. These girls seemed to have really hit it off when they first met and became friends. Unfortunately, because of a business deal gone bad, they have apparently broken all ties. It was really painful to watch Phaedra and Kenya's friendship fall to pieces, and I would never want to go down that road with any of the ladies.

I am naturally a nice person and will give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I have often been accused of actually being "too nice." I have to get out of the habit of jumping into relationships with new friends before I really get to know them. I have only myself to blame when things don't work out, and I accept full responsibility. Maintaining relationships (old and new) mean more to me than doing business together. Good friends are hard to find!