The BAM! Squad's Associate Editor thinks Porsha's B.A.P.S. outfit was the best costume of the evening.

on Apr 1, 2013

No. 3 - Meet Phaedra Sparks

Lawyer, mortician, workout guru, and now...stun gun maven? Yep, Phaedra's ever expanding (and always surprising) empire is growing to include feminine stun guns. The name of her shocking new product? Phaedra Sparks. Just for the name alone, I'd probably order one.

Now Kandi pointed out the similarities between Phaedra's stun guns and her sex toys, and that made me just a bit concerned -- what if you have both and mix them up by mistake? It sounds like Phaedra is hoping to make them small, discrete, and ladylike, just like Bedroom Kandi. Sounds like a recipe for disaster...

Side Note: Housewives having tasers is also generally a very scary idea. I hope Andy confiscated Phaedra Sparks before the reunion!