The BAM! Squad

Ep 20: Leave it to Gregg to reunite NeNe, Cynthia, and Peter.

on Mar 27

Meanwhile our dueling couples dealt with the fallout of the Mexico fight, which was far worse than any tequila shot-based hangover. NeNe and Gregg think it was not a huge deal and that they can easily sort it out, while Cynthia and Peter aren't quite so optimistic. If Cynthia doesn't hear an apology, she's ready to rip up that friend contract on the spot.

Kandi goes back to school to reward two students from her alma mater with spots in her musical, which was lovely to see. But even more touching was when Kandi broke down after they surprised her with her old drama teacher. She legit shed tears upon seeing this woman, so clearly this was one of those inspirational teachers that people make movies about.

Over at Chez Twirl Marlo showed up with some mysteriously pink fizzy drink, and the ladies caught up on Mexico. More importantly however, Kenya also invited over a parenting coach, who gave her one of those middle school health class robot babies to take care of. I guess that shaman's spell only intensified Kenya's baby fever. But I did have to question how seriously she was taking this robot baby training when this happened:

Also Velvet stole the scene by running around with one ear down: