The BAM! Squad

Ep 21: Everyone is crying in the ATL this week.

on Apr 7

Later she met with Cynthia and Kandi to let them know the bad news, and Cynthia nearly fell out of her chair:

I couldn't blame her thought, because no one saw that coming.

Finally Todd managed to bring me to tears during his one-on-one talk with Joyce at the end. I mean how could she not immediately know he's a good guy when he said, "I would love for you to love me one day." I mean honestly, this guy is trying so hard here! Throw him a bone!

So we don't end on a downer, let's address the the non-sad moments from this episode:

-Kandi not letting Porsha get away with missing rehearsals.

-NeNe announced the exciting news about her fashion line and was all: